OFFICE: (216) 803-2305
Cleveland, Ohio

Planning, Design and Development Solutions

G2M Design Collaborative  has been established to provide professional planning services to municipalities, builders and developers and provides "Reality Based" planning solutions that consider both the physical properties of the land and the economic conditions that impact the bottom line.

G2M Design Collaborative emphasizes sustainable land development methodology and recognizes the need to balance the physical, social and economic dimensions of the planning process.  The two Principals of G2M Design Collaborative have nearly fifty years of combined professional development and planning experience.


G2M Design Collaborative understands that without a practical approach to determining a plan’s feasibility, a “vision” is nothing more than just that.  Aided by our years of experience in large-scale master planning, site design and landscape architecture, our clients have come to rely on our understanding of the true alignment of planning concepts and an organization’s vision. By engaging G2M Design Collaborative for your project you can be assured of receiving a unique, creative, relevant solution aligned to your vision and financial expectations.